A Website-based Application of Water Education Playbook for School Kids

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Status :


Schools for collaboration :

  1. The Design School

  2. School of Education

  3. School of Computer Science & Engineering

Time Frame

August – November 2021


The Water Education playbook aims to improve water literacy among kids, especially about the importance of access and maintenance of clean water for personal uses. In addition, focus on safeguarding freshwater resources is also part of the playbook. Rural school children are targeted for the Water Education playbook as they will positively influence hygiene practices in their homes, among family members and eventually, in the wider community. The booklet-type playbook is ready. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I am not able to travel to remote areas to carry out the Water Education Programme using the playbook. Therefore, I was thinking to carry out the project remotely and had the idea of developing a website-based application that can be incorporated into the rural school extra-curriculum activities. However, I am not equipped with the skills of converting the booklet-type of playbook into an interactive website application.


-To convert a booklet-type Water Education playbook into an interactive design.
-To develop a website-based application using the interactive Water Education playbook.


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