Affordable upskilling and reskilling online training platform

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Status :


Schools for collaboration :

  1. School of Education

  2. The Design School

  3. School of Computer Science & Engineering

  4. School of Media & Communication

Time Frame

March – November 2022


The project aim to provide an affordable upskilling and reskilling online training for Malaysians especially women and their families from B40, single mothers, refugees, unemployed and retrenched workers. The online training platform will provide opportunities to these communities/individuals to have better access to hands-on skills learning, information, knowledge, business and social network that would enable them to prosper in a post Covid era. Through this project SLS also aim to widen its network of partnerships with other professionals and trainers in sharing their knowledge, expertise and training deliveries.

Our project goals are as follows. i)To provide equitable access and quality online learning modules , ii)To support productive activities, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation for individuals to generate income and be employed/ or self employed in the related industries. and iii) To improve the livelihoods and wellbeing of the community


  • To provide affordable hands on training to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
  • To reduce unemployment rate by providing enabling skills for income earning opportunities
  • To improve inequalities by gender , age, language barriers and geographic location by increasing opportunities for diverse communities to learn.


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