Drive-thru Kopitiam

Posted by : Taylor’s University

Status :

In Progress

Schools for collaboration :

  1. School of Computer Science & Engineering

  2. School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events

  3. The Design School

Time Frame

August – November 2021


The traditional coffee shops, or fondly known as Kopitiams, have always been the popular, “close-to-home” feel, simple, no-frills eating places among the locals especially for a decent breakfast or meal. The traditional neighborhood coffee shops, which have been part and parcel of the Malaysians experience, offering traditional coffee, food that paint a strong identity of multiracial society such as kopi O, ying yong (cham), roti bakar, nasi lemak, char kuay teow, chee cheong fun, and curry mee.
Ever since the global pandemic, MCO/CMCO/RMCO/EMCO is imposed in order to flatten the COVID-19 curve, people are to minimize their visits to restaurants or eating places, and have been resorted to either cooking at home, pack food at storefront, buy fast food (only) at drive-thru, order and pick-up food, or order food online. Due to the restricted movement control and the risk of contracting corona virus, people are starting to miss the simple, no-frills yet tasty traditional food served by the kopitiams. Online food delivery services have yet to be able to deliver the authentic flavor of the traditional food and coffee.
This project intends to provide another avenue to offer traditional food and coffee in a more sustainable manner to fill this gap by satisfying the taste buds of the locals during and post pandemic by setting up drive-thru kopitiams at some strategic spots including petrol stations and universities in Selangor or KL.


The objective of this project is to provide an avenue to offer traditional food and coffee in a more sustainable manner to fill the gap by satisfying the taste buds of the locals during and post pandemic with the set-up of drive-thru kopitiam(s) at some strategic spots not limiting to petrol stations and universities in Selangor or KL.


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