Mitigate Fake News on Social Media

Posted by : Taylor’s University

Status :

In Progress

Schools for collaboration :

  1. School of Computer Science & Engineering

  2. The Design School

  3. Taylor’s Business School

Time Frame

August – November 2021


In today’s age of technological innovation, we embrace change every day by integrating and synergizing with disruptive and exponential digital technologies. In the coming age of Technological Singularity, the cyber arms race of powerful algorithms has become a significant battlefront among countries. For the survival of human race, a transparent, trustable and reliable technology is very important. The advanced and common use of social media has enabled easy access and rapid dissemination of information. This on the other hand also enables fake news to be spread extensively. This phenomenon is becoming very serious, as it would shake the foundation of human trust resulting in extremely negative impacts on individuals, society, and the world. This project proposes a trust index model to mitigate fake news on social media using blockchain technology. Digital privacy on social media has become an imminent problem for the users and citizens of the world today. In February 2020, the World Health Organ-ization (WHO) reported an “infodemic” surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) fake news phenomena that make it difficult for a global citizen to find reliable guidance and take the appropriate measures, without resorting to panic or falling into complacency. The uncertainty and fears caused by the lack of knowledge of COVID-19 have posted a very serious threat to public health. With an increasing appetite for verifiable truth on the Internet, the proposed trust index model can provide a more trustable, credible, reliable, transparent, and more se-cure fundamental fabric for our current society on social media.


a) To develop an algorithm to identify and verify the source of the message using blockchain.
b) To develop an algorithm to evaluate the authors’ credibility in term of their history of news written and forwarded.
c) To develop a trust index to define the credibility of the message based on source verification and author credibility.


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