The Taylor’s Social Innovation Grant or Social 10, is an opportunity for you to pose a community problem for us to solve with a grant up to RM10,000 per project.

Let's collaborate!

If you are a corporate or non-profit organisation searching for a partner to help solve a community problem, we would love to collaborate with you. All you have to do is drop us an email at [email protected].


Matching Funds

Resource & technology sharing

Shared impact & focus area


  • Groups / teams applying should preferably include at least one Taylor’s staff or student.
  • Applicants MUST implement their own projects or collaborate with any applicable entity as follows:
    • Related Government Departments / Agencies / Municipalities (federal / state / district).
    • Government / Societies / Associations (examples: Cooperatives, NGOs); Government-Linked Companies GLC or Company Limited by Guarantee CLG.
    • Corporates.
  • Only financially sustainable and positive social or environmental impact projects are allowed.
  • The Project’s solution(s) need to be at least ‘new’ to the beneficiaries it targets, but it does not have to be new to the world and should be mapped with Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG) indicators.
  • Each successful application will receive a grant sum of between RM5,000 – RM10,000 and the disbursement will be mapped with the proposed key deliverables dates, based on quarterly schedules for a duration of no more than 12 months. Applicants are expected to utilise the full amount within 12 months of the approval date. 
  • The successful applicant(s) must submit impact and progress reports, containing target and results to-date as well as interventions to Taylor’s Me.reka Makerspace (TMM) at pre-agreed dates. Failure to comply shall render potential clawback and/or discontinuation of grant disbursement. The successful applicant(s) shall make a self-declaration in cases of potential mission drifts and/or significant change in direction or business plan. Non-compliance to terms and conditions in the grant agreement will lead to clawback of grant and/or cancellation of the entire grant eligibility.
  • At the end of the 12 months duration, a Minimum-Viable-Product (MVP) must be completed and ready for testing with the targeted beneficiaries.
  • All Intellectual Property Rights of the project’s outcomes belong to Taylor’s University or Taylor’s College.
  • Direct beneficiaries should comprise of communities preferably from the B40 group (urban or rural poor).
  • The Knowledge Transfer and Commercialisation (KTC) department will be administering the grant and the applicants will be mentored by the Taylor’s Me.reka Makerspace (TMM).
  • Targeted number of beneficiaries for each project must be at least 50 people.
  • The project MUST be implemented in Malaysia.


  1. Understand guideline requirement
  2. Plan project milestones
  3. Assemble a project / entrepreneurship team
  4. Fill in the official pitch deck
  5. Seek advisory


  • Improving standards of living
  • Knowledge Job Creation
  • Solving community pain points
  • Increased Security
  • Conducive workplace and living environment



  • Ecology / Carbon Footprint
  • Positive impact on environmental
  • Contribution to circular economy
  • Adherence to rules and regulation of Environmental Act
  • Optimize the use of environmental resources



  • Proof of Concept
  • Reliability of project objectives and appropriateness of methodology
  • Potential to manufacture, produce and scale-up
  • Adherence to industry rules and regulations


  • Competitive advantage
  • Market Potential and Demand
  • Market Timing
  • Sustainability
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Marketing Strategy / Business Model
  • Standards Certifications (if any)

  • Up to 20 days of processing time
  • Applicant’s will be notified via email on the application outcome
  • Advance disbursement for 1st milestone of total project cost

We are excited to hear from you soon!